Personally Learn The Latest & Most Effective Traffic Strategies From Gurus Experts Currently Spending Over $1 Million A Month Acquiring Customers
We live in a world where most people that run traffic only run traffic to their offer about running traffic. Not to brag, but the reality is that we spend $1M+ PER MONTH with our clients. We're not just teaching this stuff...we're doing it every day and we've put together the most ridiculously talented group of expert practitioners to teach you Facebook, AdWords, Instagram, LinkedIn & SEO 5 days a week. These are strategies that are literally working now, not strategies that used to work that we're now teaching because it stopped working and we need cashflow.
You've discovered the only marketing training solution specifically designed to help you supercharge your customer acquisition and scale your business, Which Has already helped thousands of business leaders
The days of building a 7 figure plus business exclusively off of Facebook Ads are dead. Scaling to 7 figures and beyond now requires omnipresence. Put simply, you need to be active on multiple traffic channels and know how to play to each one's strengths. Luckily for you we created Unicorn IQ Academy, a hybrid training platform combining knowledge packed courses and daily live trainings with expert mentors, to help business leaders like yourself achieve explosive growth in 2018 and beyond.
4 Knowledge Packed Courses
Members get instant access to over 300 training videos across 4 different courses, which cover Facebook, AdWords, Instagram and LinkedIn.
Daily Live Training Sessions
Courses are great, but the real breakthroughs happen during the 90 minute live training sessions, which are led by our expert mentors from Monday to Friday.
All Future Courses
We are already in the process of creating our next 3 courses covering Amazon, SEO and Automation. Members get instant access to all new courses and content just like Netflix!
Learn The Strategies Needed To Create, Manage and Scale Profitable Marketing Campaigns!
Not only did we put all of our combined marketing knowledge into an ever-growing video library, but we also brought in some of the most successful marketers in the world to help you grow as well.

This means that not only will you get our team's knowledge, but you're also getting knowledge from the best marketing experts in the world. 

The foundation of Unicorn IQ Academy is a cutting-edge interactive training platform. Our training platform combines our massive library of videos, daily training with experts, a collaborative group of business leaders and much more!

Through this platform, we're able to teach you exactly how we've used a wide range of platforms (from Facebook to LinkedIn) to create winning marketing campaigns for some of the biggest companies and personal brands in the world. Whether you are brand new to Facebook ads, Google Adwords or managing six figures in monthly spend, Unicorn IQ Academy will help you supercharge your customer acquisition efforts. 

One of the biggest problems with courses is that they teach strategies that worked up until the time they are published. We all know that platforms change and what worked a year ago or even 1 month ago might not work today. 

Every day our mentors are testing new strategies and features and sharing everything that is working. When they find things that work they share them inside the course and during their weekly live trainings. Long story short, you aren't buying a course that will never be updated an become obsolete in a few months.
Because all of our mentors are givers, they insisted we give you a free lesson today. Think of it as an appetizer for the main course...Unicorn IQ Academy. Keep scrolling to learn some powerful new strategies for marketing on Facebook, Google, Instagram and LinkedIn!
Facebook Ad IQ Academy
A Step-By-Step Blueprint For Consistently Creating Profitable Facebook Ads Like A Pro!
Hey I'm Max! I am the Ad IQ Expert Mentor as well as, one of the Co-Founders of Unicorn IQ Academy! I have been a digital marketer and entrepreneur for over 10 years, and the thing I am most proud of is this academy. I've put all of my knowledge into an ever growing video library for you!

The foundation of Ad IQ Academy is a library of videos. Through these videos I am able to teach you exactly how I create winning Facebook ad campaigns from scratch. Whether you are brand new to Facebook ads or managing 6 figures in monthly spend, these lessons will ensure you are creating the most profitable ads possible. 

Every day I am testing new strategies and features from Facebook. When I find things that work, I share them inside the course through a new video. Long story short, you aren't buying a course that will never be updated an become obsolete in a few months. Ad IQ Academy is your blueprint to building, managing, and scaling Facebook ads for your business. With over 100+ Videos Lessons, 12 Powerful Modules, and 30+ Hours Of Content you are sure to find incredible value here!
“We did some big work for many multi-billion dollar companies.
Over the last few years Max has been Kevin Harrington's go to Facebook ad expert, helping him grow his personal brand and monetize his knowledge. This success led the two of them to co-found a digital marketing agency together where they worked with multi-billion dollar companies such as 3M.
AdWords IQ Academy
Discovering the Secret of Google AdWords Success
Hi! I'm Caitlin Schlichting and I'm SO excited to show you how to become an AdWords expert. That means going beyond the basics and showing you the real tips I use to create highly successful campaigns. I have been in marketing since 2006. Let’s be honest, there’s a big difference between knowing how to use Google AdWords and how to use it effectively.

This is a multi-module online course with heavy focus on technical learning (the platforms and the services themselves). I will give you step-by-step guidance on how to set up a campaign, select ad groups and keywords, then optimize your ads through keyword management and negative keywords. And that’s just the beginning...
You will learn the difference between PPC and SEO, how to write good ad content, best practices and how to avoid common mistakes. I’ll also show you CPA techniques, advanced tracking techniques and how to properly audit an existing AdWords account that you’ve taken over.
“He has made a HUGE DIFFERENCE in the results, a BIG IMPACT on my business. I am excited to continue to work with him.
Pat didn’t have a problem reaching people, but Pat had a problem CONVERTING people using Facebook Ads. Since Pat had worked with Max before he knew he could TRUST him was REASSURED that Max could get people to convert and turn a profit.
Instagram Ad IQ Academy
Learn Step-By-Step How To Explosively Grow Your Instagram Following
Hi, I'm Alex Willkie! I am a social media consultant that specializes in Instagram growth and monetization, as well as Facebook marketing. I first began learning about Instagram in March 2017. After I created my own agency, I really became fascinated with the beauty industry. 

I started my first beauty account in August of 2017, which has grown to over 475,000 followers in just 8 Months! I will give you step-by-step guidance on how to exponentially grow and monetize your profiles on Instagram. 

During Instagram IQ Training you will learn the difference between personal and business accounts, how to create viral content, best practices and how to avoid common mistakes. I’ll also show you gamification techniques, advanced power-like techniques, and how to properly audit an existing Instagram account that you’ve taken over.
"For me the value of the program is cost per lead has gone down and I'm able to generate more profit for the company."

- Hugh Plautz
LinkedIn IQ Academy
Step-by-Step Guide to Learn How To Build An Online Community, A Personal Brand, And Grow Your Business With LinkedIn
Hi! I'm Anna McAfee and I'm so excited to show you how to become a LinkedIn master. Learn how to build a big following on LinkedIn by doing what you do already, adding value… I break down all the steps you need to make to build an online community that will soon know, like and trust you. 

Much of the success you can gain on LinkedIn is through real and organic content, most likely on a free account depending on your searching activity, so there is no need to invest further into LinkedIn once you’ve grasped the principles behind platform. Have you ever heard the phrase it’s not what you know, it’s who you know? Well, there’s a third element missing from this key phrase- it’s who knows you. 

That’s right, you can have a great network but if they don’t know you then they can’t trust you, and they can’t do business with you. How do people get to KNOW you, through LinkedIn! I will give you step-by-step guidance on how to set up a profile, connect and communicate with people, how to find the right people through groups and searching, content strategies and social selling. And that’s just the beginning… 

I also cover tools to help you save time along the way, some incredible premium features, how to use LinkedIn for new job opportunities, and how to use LinkedIn for company pages and advertising. That's right! You are going to learn about organic growth strategies along with, in-depth paid advertising strategies to help grow your business and brand with one of the fastest growing social platforms online.
  Ad IQ Academy - $1997 Value 
Over 40 hours of video content that cover strategizing, creating, and scaling your Facebook ads profitably.  
  AdWords IQ Academy - $1997 Value 
Over 13 hours of video training teaching you how to create and scale profitable AdWord campaigns.  
  Instagram IQ Academy - $1997 Value 
Over 40 video lessons that teach you how to explosively grow your Instagram following.
  LinkedIn IQ Academy - $1997 Value 
Over 90 video lessons that cover building an online community, person brand and growing your business with LinkedIn.
  LIVE Facebook Weekly Training - $997 Value 
Weekly lives with our Expert Mentor, Maxwell Finn, going in depth on your ads and current campaigns
  LIVE AdWords Weekly Training - $997 Value 
Weekly lives with our Expert Mentor, Caitlin Schlichting  going in depth on your ads and current campaigns
  LIVE Instagram Weekly Training - $997 Value 
Weekly lives with our Expert Mentor, Alex Wilkie, going in depth on your ads and current campaigns
  LIVE LinkedIn Weekly Training - $997 Value 
Weekly lives with our Expert Mentor, Anna Mcafee, going in depth on your ads and current campaigns
  LIVE SEO Weekly Training - $997 Value 
Weekly lives with our Expert Mentor, Brett Lane, going in depth on your SEO strategies.
You Will Also Receive Access To Every New Course WE RELEASE IN THE FUTURE INCLUDING...




But Wait, There's More...
$3,997 VALUE 
$4,997 VALUE 
$9,997 VALUE 
$997 VALUE 
$1,997 VALUE 
$997 VALUE 
$30,000+ Value!
Josh's ROI was off the charts! In his first 30 days he generated $30,000 in sales off of just $1,500 in Facebook ad spend.

- Josh Felber
The video ad funnel strategy helped Mark generate a 4x ROAS with his Facebook ads during his first month!

- Mark Barnes
Help you create an ad that turned $1 into $3 would it be worth it?
Help you acquire 1,000 new customers this year would it be worth it?
Help you increase your customer's lifetime value 50% would it be worth it?
Expert Live Training 
5 Days A Week
Audits, Q&A And Platform Updates
  Facebook IQ Training: Join Maxwell Finn weekly as he audits your Facebook ads, answers your questions and keeps you updated on platform changes.
  Instagram IQ Training: Every week Alex Willkie goes live to audit your Instagram accounts, answer your questions and discuss new growth strategies.
  AdWords IQ Training: Every week Caitlin Schlichting goes live to audit your AdWord campaigns, answer your questions and keep you up to date on platform changes. 
  LinkedIn IQ Training: Every week Anna McAfee goes live to teach you the latest LinkedIn marketing strategies and answer your questions.
  SEO IQ Training: Every week Brett Lane goes live to teach you the latest SEO strategies and answer all your questions.
When You Invest In Unicorn IQ Academy TODAY We Are Also Giving You These EXCLUSIVE BONUSES!
Quarter One Mastermind Replay ($997 Value)
Our quarter one mastermind replay is jam-packed with over 5 hours of content where Maxwell Finn dissects his Seven Figure Ad Funnel, shows you the ins and outs, discusses current marketing trends and even does a live Q&A. 85 business leaders paid $5,000 to attend the Mastermind.
Our Two Comma Club Funnels ($1,997 Value)
Remember the pictures above of us with our Two Comma Club awards? That is a Clickfunnels award for anyone who sells over seven figures with ONE funnel. 

You will not only receive access to both of our Two Comma Club funnels, but you will also get access to all of our top funnels. 
Our Top Performing Email Sequences ($497 Value)
One of the most common questions we receive, time and time again're you selling through email and is it still possible? 

Yes, it is!

As a bonus, we will be giving you one of our most profitable email campaigns. You will receive the workflow and emails. Our shared email workflow will provide you with the ability to customize each email to your specific audience and start selling through email again... Profitably! 
Gain Instant Access To Unicorn IQ Academy
$997 $297/month
PLUS Access To Weekly Trainings To Propel, You, Your Team, and Ultimately Your Business Forward! 
Unicorn IQ Academy is amazing and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to truly understand Facebook Ads and eCommerce.

- Michael LaRocco
The Unicorn IQ program has been instrumental in our success... After a few tweaks suggested by Max, we were able to cut one of our client's CPA in half within days!"

- Rob Hamilton
OVER $30,000
Worth Of Courses, Live Trainings And Bonuses!
Would you invest $30,000 to have access to a team of the top marketing experts in the world plus all the other amazing bonuses listed above?

Of course, you would. We would and we have!

That is the cost of ONLY ONE of the following...Community Manager, Junior Ad Buyer, Entry Level Marketer, Entry Level Graphic Designer, Entry Level Content Manager, Personal Assistant.

But, there's GOOD NEWS! If you're willing to invest $30,000 put down the phone to get approval from your significant other because you won't even pay a fraction of that! 

Nope not even $10,000, $5,000, or $1,000! 

All you will have to pay for access to Unicorn IQ Academy is $297/month!
You Might Be Asking Yourself, "Will I Get Results?"
YES, the academy sounds like a good option but will I get RESULTS for my business?

Great question! It's that sort of thinking that proves just how great a candidate you really are for Unicorn IQ Academy!

To be honest, results are different for every business but with OVER 2,500 successful students in our courses currently, we have seen tremendous results AGAIN and AGAIN. 

After getting some feedback and statistics, we put together a roadmap to success that you will receive once you sign up. We know if you follow that roadmap, keep active in the private group, and consistently learn, tweak, improve, and repeat you’re on the right track to getting the results you want. Keep in mind; some take longer than others. 
Don't Just Take Our Word For It...
Hear What Our Students Have To Say!
Jeremy Haynes
Jonathan Felix Reyes
Sachin Jhangiani
Akemi Fisher
Denise Reyes
Dimitris Skiadas
"I just wanted to take a minute to tell you what an amazing job you did with the course!! Every time I watch a video I think, ‘Gosh this is SOOO good!’ All of the additional demos, resources, templates, etc. are so perfect and far exceeded my expectations when I signed up..."

Ashley Acker

Owner at Capture & Convert Local Marketing
"Within days I paid for this course with one simple abandoned cart campaign that never crossed my mind and took minutes to create. We are starting to scale out, filling the top of the funnel for pennies, and finally, I see a way to make Facebook a total powerhouse for our business. In the last 5 years of growing my company into an authority in my industry through paid ads, I have not come across a single more exciting and valuable asset than Max's course."

Chad Brownfield

CEO at
I'm Just Getting Started... Is The Academy Too Advanced For Me?
We, here at Unicorn IQ, understand that everyone is after different levels of learning and we created, what we think to be a deadly combo of learning. Self-taught learning through the modules and then LIVE training with our mentor experts. 

So if you’re going through a Lead Generation module and find it a bit overwhelming, don’t stress, just take some notes and present your questions on the next LIVE training inside the Facebook group with that specific mentor. 

Easy right?

Once again, no matter your level of expertise we want to make it Simple and Efficient for you to go from the learning stage to the execution stage. We all know true success is seen once you execute. 
What If I'm Not New To The Marketing Game And Need Advanced Training, Is This Right For Me?
Are you a few years into the game and looking for the next cutting-edge tool, program, or resource to bring your expertise to the next level. 

Onto the next tier of ad buyers, Adsense experts, Instagram experts or LinkedIn masters. 

The courses and LIVE mentor trainings you will have access to are second to none and some of the most advanced strategies that are currently working. Luckily, our courses and learning platform is continuously updated with new courses and learning materials even the most seasoned digital marketer can appreciate.

Updates, Updates, Updates!
Are you tired of buying one course and it being outdated or on the brink of being outdated? It is like buying food from the grocery store, and it goes bad the next day... 

A complete waste of money right?

We saw it as an issue EVEN with some of the best courses in the world!

We knew we had to do something about it. 

So with all of our courses and expert mentors, Unicorn IQ has devoted ourselves to keeping every course as current as possible. That being said we will still be releasing a course every quarter, monthly learning material, and keep you up to date with the newest changes Via LIVE trainings or through course materials. 
One Business Consultant Can Cost Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars Per Year. When You Invest In Yourself Today You Will Receive Access To Our Team Of Experts In Their Respective Field For Only...
$997 $297/month
Have A Question? 
We've Got Answers!
Is This For Beginners?
The best part of Unicorn IQ Academy is that it has so much content that it provides incredible value for both beginners and advanced advertisers. Beginners will find topics like setting up the pixel and learning how to create every type of ad available incredibly valuable. Advanced advertisers will find topics like manual bidding and Messenger growth hacking strategies just as valuable.
How Much Time Will It Take To Go Through One Course?
Honestly. that really depends on your learning style and your availability to do so. In our opinion we recommend choosing one course and giving yourself eight weeks to go through it. This will allow you to soak up as much material as possible and ask our mentors any questions you may have along the way. 
What If I Feel Overwhelmed From All Of The Material?
If you feel overwhelmed, don't worry, this is normal at times. Our brains are just not designed to take on hours upon hours of content before it says OKAY enough is enough! If you do feel overwhelmed you can reach out to our support team at anytime and they will help you get on track. At no additional cost either! 
Can I Access My Content Everywhere?
Yes, our platform is built through Thinkific and they offer a responsive design for almost every device including desktops, laptops, mobile devices, tablets, and Ipads. You will need a internet connection to connect though. 
What Is Your Cancelation Policy?
Unicorn IQ Academy is a monthly subscription and canceled at anytime. No questions asked! 
What Forms Of Payment Do You Accept?
We are proud to have partnered with Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Paypal! We also accept credit cards as well. 
Can I Contact and Ask The Mentors Specific Questions?
Yes! You will be part of an exclusive private group on Facebook where our mentors will hold their lives, interact with the group, and answer your questions you may have for them! 
Master Your Marketing Today!
$997 $297/month
Join Over 2,500 Marketers and Entrepreneurs Who Are Crushing Online Advertising Today!
Monthly Subscription. No Obligation. Cancel At Anytime
Invest In Your Long Term Goals
Enroll In Unicorn IQ Academy Today For A Year!
One Time Payment Of Only...
$3,564 $1,997
Get 5 Months Free When You Enroll Today!
Are You A Large Corporation Or A Well Oiled Machine 
And Need Training For Your Team?
Perfect For Teams Of Two Or More, Freelancers, and Custom Packages Available With One-on-One Mentor Training. Contact Us To Learn More
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