About Unicorn IQ

A One-of-a-Kind Marketing Resource

Unicorn IQ is the evolution of years of successful digital marketing strategy and collaboration. It first started when we realized that there was a big opportunity to convert our experience, skills and digital advertising knowledge into an online course. So we created our first course called Facebook Ad IQ Academy, the most comprehensive Facebook advertising course on the internet. In just 3 months we managed to get thousands of enrollments with our one course. We have been floored by the overwhelming amounts of love that we have gotten for our course. After realizing how effective of a tool this was, we began work on other courses to further help business owners – including SEO, PPC and many more. The collection of these courses and continued training is what makes up the current Unicorn IQ.

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Our mentors have already made tons of mistakes… so they can teach you how to avoid them.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you aren’t happy with a course for any reason, we will work with you to ensure you have the best learning experience possible.

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We know that you will have questions as you implement what you learn in our courses… that’s why all of our mentors are active in course Facebook groups.

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Learn what’s working right now… and implement in your business today.

Meet the Mythical Founders


Being one of Forbes’ & Influencive.com’s Top 30 Entrepreneurs Under 30, Jeremy C. Adams is not timid to climb the ladder of ultimate success. Prior to turning 30, he’s launched multiple successful businesses and helped leading entrepreneurs and businesses with his sales and digital marketing background.

He launched his first startup, Prestige Food Trucks at the young age of 22 years old. Jeremy was able to quickly turn Prestige Food Trucks into the world’s leading custom food truck & trailer manufacturer. He garnered so much credibility in-fact, that he landed multi-truck deals with respected clients like the U.S. Army, The Salvation Army, Dunkin’ Donuts, Taco Bell and many more. Jeremy’s company has custom manufactured some of the best food trucks. Their prestigious work has been seen on many popular shows and TV channels like the Food Network, How It’s Made, West Texas Investors Club and many others.

More recently, Jeremy was a founding partner of Quantum Media, with the original shark from Shark Tank, Kevin Harrington and Maxwell Finn. Quantum helps businesses of all sizes increase their conversion rates and grow their bottom line by leveraging re-targeting and automation technology. Quantum is known for producing Facebook ad campaigns that dramatically outperform previous client campaigns. Jeremy is proud to have helped so many clients with his experience in marketing to drive growth to their businesses.


Maxwell Finn has turned a passion for entrepreneurialism, Facebook marketing and e-commerce into a successful career as a digital marketer. He has been a digital marketer and entrepreneur for over 10 years, launching his first startup, Loot, while in college. After raising several million dollars in venture capital funding for Loot, and he and his partner later sold the company. Next, he launched Startup Drugz, a wildly successful e-commerce store selling entrepreneurial themed gear.

Maxwell is also co-founder of Quantum Media with the original Shark from Shark Tank, Kevin Harrington, and Jeremy Adams. The agency runs Facebook ads and sales funnels for some of the biggest companies in the world. Maxwell immensely enjoys helping other entrepreneurs. He is able to do this through coaching entrepreneurs and helping them take their businesses to the next level with advanced Facebook advertising strategies. Also, through his recent launch of Facebook Ad IQ Academy, the most comprehensive course on the market for Facebook advertising.

Maxwell is also frequently invited to speak about Facebook advertising at some of the biggest and most prestigious events and masterminds in the world. This includes an invite-only mastermind for the top 25 marketers on Shopify (sponsored by Shopify) and Ezra Firestone’s Ecom Allstars Conference. You can sometimes catch him on a number of podcasts, including ClickFunnel’s Funnel Hacker Radio and Shopify’s Shopify Masters podcast.