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We've worked with hundreds of different marketers throughout the years. But when it came to our mentors, we were looking for one thing: people whose #1 priority was getting results for themselves and their clients. Each of our mentors has shown that trait.

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Want to learn about the newest tool for Facebook Ads? How about a new way to build a funnel using organic or paid search to build a remarketing list? Want to know the newest platform to take your product to market? Our mentors are always on the lookout for new ways to get incredible results.

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Our mentors only teach you what is working for them. They aren't going to teach you the most common ``best practices`` or the latest strategies if they aren't actually getting results. We cut out all the ``BS`` to get you exactly what you need (and nothing more or less) to have success.

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Welcome To Unicorn IQ

Choose from a variety of digital marketing topics...New courses coming soon!

Social Media Advertising

Learn how to make social media platforms like Facebook Ads work for your business or make them work for your clients.

Search Engine Marketing

Learn the basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and how to improve your organic rankings on Google and other search engines.


Dive into all areas of AdWords including Search, Display, Shopping, YouTube and more.


Discover how to grow and scale your e-commerce business on Amazon and your own store.

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Why Choose Unicorn IQ?

Actual Experts with Proven Results

Unlike many course "gurus" out there, Unicorn IQ's mentors are actively implementing the same techniques that they are teaching in their courses, into their own businesses.

100% Money Back Guarantee

If after you complete the entire course and attend the weekly trainings you have not at least made your money back we will issue a full refund no questions asked!

Save Money, Time & Energy

Our course mentors have spent millions in advertising dollars, worked on learning their respective platform for years, and failed multiple times so you don't have to.

Continuous Learning to Make Sure You Succeed

We understand that courses sometimes aren't enough. You'll likely need constant training to help scale your vision. That's why we offer something no one else does, weekly expert training for every single course.

Exclusive Community Access

When you sign up for any Unicorn IQ course, you gain access to an elite community of mentors, marketers and learning tools. And did we mention there are daily giveaways? It’s all waiting for you in our exclusive Facebook Group –

The Unicorn IQ Hub!

Ask questions (no question is too basic), network with other talented professionals and stay up to date with the latest platform news and trends. Ready to be the top unicorn in your field?

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